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Hi, my name’s Aubrey!

I’ve been sponsoring or co-hosting quite a few giveaways lately (go check out Brunch with Amber’s birthday giveaway), and that means that a lot of new people are seeing my little blog. I’m sort of thinking that I should do a little introduction post in […]

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Virtual Coffee 10.11.11

Hello! I’m still alive! I thought that I ought to give you an update on our lives before somebody sent a search and rescue crew. As I always say at the end of the month, work gets crazy…but considering how much travelling I did in […]

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Virtual Coffee 9.27.11

This post contains referral links; I may earn free credits if you sign up for subscriptions via my links. Good morning, everyone! I hope that you are all enjoying this beautiful September morning. Here in South Carolina, the sun is shining, which I appreciate after […]

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Virtual Coffee 9.20.11

Good morning everyone! It’s a beautiful fall morning. A little gray. Kind of cool, which is good because the air conditioning at our office decided to be uncooperative this morning. We have all the windows open this morning to keep the air moving through the […]

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