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Hi, my name’s Aubrey!

I’ve been sponsoring or co-hosting quite a few giveaways lately (go check out Brunch with Amber’s birthday giveaway), and that means that a lot of new people are seeing my little blog. I’m sort of thinking that I should do a little introduction post in […]

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November Goals

Hi y’all. I never did get to writing on my October goals, but I wanted to get back on track for November so here are my goals for this month. Most of these are repeats, but if at first you don’t succeed, try again, right? […]

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Friday Confessional 9.21.12

Mamarazzi is on a brief bloggy break, so the Friday Confessional party will be hanging out here. If you also play along with her Happy List party on Tuesdays, that is be hosted at Art @ Home.   I confess… I finally started my running program […]

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September Goals

I still can’t believe that it’s September already. Where in the world did August go? So I guess it’s time to review some goals and set some new ones. Let’s look back first. Here were my August goals: Seriously, establish the breakfast and vitamin habit […]

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August Goals

Before I get to my goals for this month, I want to touch base on my June goals. July was so crazy that I didn’t even get around to doing a goals post…and we’re already a third of the way through August, too. Eat breakfast […]

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