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Friday, March 31

Our Financial Peace Journey: March 2017

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If you are new around these parts, the Mister and I took the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University course through our church at the end of 2015. We have a goal to to knock out the remainder of our consumer debt in 2017. You can catch up on our journey by checking out our previous recaps:

March Budget

After replenishing our emergency fund in February, we knew we needed to tighten down the budget this month - April is going to be a big one between income taxes and my trip to Washington and California coming. The biggest areas for us to "save" money in is food and clothing - we bought no clothes and saved about $60 in the grocery spending.

We did have one home-repair expense pop up: during the hurricane last October, we nearly lost one of our dogwoods. Now that the trees are starting to bloom, my friend at the tree company said we needed to get the dogwood properly staked down. Fortunately, we were able to cashflow the expense.

March Victories & Blessings

I kind of have to laugh because the Mister is back to his second job, which I said last month he had let go of. Basically, a regular employee of theirs is traveling for about six weeks, and they asked the Mister if he'd cover some of the shifts. Not complaining about the extra money.

The Mister also picked a bunch of overtime last month at his full-time job, which we don't include in our extra income graphic.

Since we're just about finished with my mother-in-law's bedroom update, we're hoping that after Easter, we'll be able to add some repair jobs back into the schedule. And I'm going to ramp up my prospecting at work after the holiday as well.

In spite of our lower extra income, we still threw nearly $300 extra dollars at our debt snowball in March.

If you want to take control of your finances, I'd suggest reading The Total Money Makeover. Or go online to to find a Financial Peace University course starting near you.

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