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Tuesday, August 5

Monthly Goals: August 2014

Here we are at the beginning of the month. It's time to take a look at the goals from last month and set some new ones for August.

Here's what happened last month in July:

  • Get that remodel done...I really want to host a cookout at the house for my birthday in August. - We had a little too much going on last month to make it happen before my birthday, but we are inching along. Look for a recap soon.
  • Continue adding movement/exercise every day. Nope.
  • Order those calendars and use my time more effectively at work. Done; the calendars came in, and I'm adjusting to blocking my work day off on an hourly basis.
  • Update my jujitsu notebook. Sort of...I've taken a ton of notes since my recent promotion meaning I'm learning new techniques, but I haven't gotten things re-written from my scratch notebook to the proper nice-to-look-at notebook.
  • Start the Dave Ramsey course with the Mister. Not yet...we need to have a family meeting to get this going.
  • Try our hand at making salsa and pickles. Look for progress on our garden blog. We made pickles; salsa isn't going to happen. No blog updates in July - boo!
  • Do something fun with the Mister on July 4th. Yay! We had a great time swimming at his dad's house and gorged on barbeque.

So here are my August goals:

  • Keep at the remodel; post an update or two about progress here on High-Heeled Love.
  • Complete the #NoExcuses 1500 in 31 challenge.
  • Update my jujitsu notebook.
  • Have a family meeting with the Mister to get started with the Dave Ramsey course.
  • Help the Mister plan our fall garden. Update our garden blog.
  • Start planning for the holiday season; handmade gifts take time.
  • Thoroughly enjoy my birthday week and trip to Charleston.

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Aubrey S. said...

Your August goals sound great! Isn't that No Excuses challenge awesome?

Aubrey S. said...

Ah, you got what was important done! You can totally do it this time! I'm sucking at the no excuses challenge already..> SUCKING. Bah.

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