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Tuesday, July 1

Monthly Goals: July 2014

Wow, June went by fast. And it's time to review those goals again. Let's take a look at June:
  • Work with the Mister to complete at least 90 percent of our living and dining room remodel. - I'd say we're about 70% done...most of the hard labor is done; now we're moving to the tedious job of mudding and sanding dry wall.
  • Do some sort of movement/exercise everyday....some of this will include the physical labor that comes with a home project. - I got some exercise in most of the days leading up to our vacation...I didn't even worry about it while we were in Washington because I think three days of jujitsu camp balances that out.
  • Get back to running. - Nope; I'm tabling this until fall. Trying to start running when the heat index is 110 is just foolish.
  • Finish up all reading for my leadership course and graduate . - Done, though I need to go by and pick up my certificate since graduation happened while we were on vacation.
  • Order new calendars and structure more effective time management for work. - I've looked into a couple ideas, but I haven't decided what I want yet. Gotta get this done since July is the last month in my Erin Condren. 
  • Update my notebook for jujitsu; discuss with my sensei what is needed to complete next promotion. Get to work on that training to complete promotion by my birthday in August. - The notebook isn't updated, but my sensei surprised me by promoting me to brown belt while we were at camp last week. 
  • Enjoy my vacation. - It was awesome! Look for a recap soon.

Okay, so what's on the agenda for July:

  • Get that remodel done...I really want to host a cookout at the house for my birthday in August.
  • Continue adding movement/exercise every day. I'm trying follow along with Blogilates July calendar on the days I don't have jujitsu. I'm counting swimming at pool parties as exercise as well.
  • Order those calendars and use my time more effectively at work.
  • Update my jujitsu notebook.
  • Start the Dave Ramsey course with the Mister.
  • Try our hand at making salsa and pickles. Look for progress on our garden blog.
  • Do something fun with the Mister on July 4th.

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