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Wednesday, June 18

Progress Report: Living & Dining Room Remodel (Weekends 2 & 3)

It's time to check in again on the living and dining room remodel. As of our last progress report, we had removed all the lathe and plaster and removed the wall between the two rooms. The next step was insulating the exterior walls; the house previously had no insulation.

The Mister and I hung most of the insulation ourselves, which is not as daunting a task as it sounds. Surprisingly, this was our first team project since we moved into the house where there was no arguing about how to do it. Maybe since it was so hot and we were wearing long sleeves and pants, we just wanted to get it done. It was a relief to be able to turn the air conditioning back on that evening.

Part of getting ready to hang sheet rock involved relocating some wires and replacing some old electrical boxes.
You can see the pup was anxious to help.

On Saturday, my parents showed up bright and early to begin hanging the new drywall. When my dad shows up, you can expect progress to be made. Fourteen sheets of drywall were hung in less than 12 hours.
We were lucky that in addition to my father and step-mom coming down to help us all day. My step-sister stopped by with her children to visit and lend a hand. The saying in my family is "The family that plays together stays together." And helping each other out with projects is considered to be playing.

We aren't quite done with drywall yet, but before we can hang the last wall, the Mister is opening up the doorway between the dining room and kitchen so we can install an arched doorway. Since these pictures have been taken, he's completely opened it, which makes the whole front of the house seem much more open.

The next steps over the next few weeks:

  • New windows installed tomorrow
  • Frame the kitchen doorway
  • Install our arched doorway
  • Hang dry wall on the last wall
  • Tape, mud and sand the walls
  • Paint


Aubrey S. said...

Wow! Was hanging drywall hard? I am trying to determine if we should attempt it ourselves or contract it out when we redo our kitchen in the future. Looks great in there, can't wait to see the finished product!!

Aubrey S. said...

Talk about hard work! This has been allot of work to get to where we are. Once we are done, it's going to look amazing!

Aubrey S. said...

Fortunately or unfortunately we have a very deranged idea of play! I just can't wait to see how it looks painted and put back together with your hand built farm table!

Aubrey S. said...

Wow it is looking good so far! Can't wait to see what next weekend brings :)

Aubrey S. said...

Hanging drywall isn't that hard, but I suggest that you work with someone who has done it before. It is physically demanding...definitely a two to three man job.

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