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Monday, April 7

This will NOT be that kind of week! [and Musical Monday]

Yesterday, our kitchen sink decided to quit draining. The Mister spent at least six hours trying to fix it. We're having the city come check the drain on their end, and then we're resigned to calling a plumber.

In addition,  it's a busy week full of work appointments and heading out of town for a a plumber doesn't really fit into the schedule.

This is NOT going to be a week that gets me down. So I'm starting it off by asserting my strength with this Katy Perry choice for Musical Monday.
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Also, don't forget that Danielle from The Crafty Wino (formerly Sweet Southern Girl) and I will be hosting our first Wino Wednesday this week since her rebrand. Please plan to join us by sharing a post that is wine-related.
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Aubrey S. said...

This is truly a great song for the beginning of any week, but especially one that will probably be stressful. :D

Aubrey S. said...

I agree. Luckily the week is shaping up. Have a great day!

Aubrey S. said...

Love love that song and Katy Perry! Thanks for playing!

Sorry to hear about the plumbing issues, hope it'll be better!

Aubrey S. said...

You know, we actually got lucky with this one. Our brother-in-law does maintenance for a property mgmt company, and he called in a favor with a friend who is a plumber. So they took care of it at no charge last night.

*Fingers crossed* We won't have any more issues until we can replace those old cast iron pipes.

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