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Tuesday, March 25

Random brain dump

It's one of those days where I have so much on my plate, that I don't really know where or how to get started. Thus I am employing the "brain dump" to get some of this randomness out of my head and maximize on productivity.

1. Just one week left at work of the health insurance open enrollment. I know this week is going to get crazier as it goes along. In preparation for the crazy, I actually have bubbly stored in the work fridge for next Monday, when I close the enrollment (however late that might be).

2. I haven't really mentioned this, but two months ago, I stopped washing my hair with shampoo. I had been reading about "no-pooing," and decided to give it a shot. What I found was that washing my hair with baking soda and vinegar actually worked, though my hair was a little frizzier than with product. However, this week, when I finished the small tub of baking soda in the bathroom, I figured it would be a good idea to use up the arsenal of shampoos under the sink.
Truth: I had last "washed" my hair two days before this picture was taken on Saturday.

3. My golf outing was postponed because of the cold weather yesterday. I'm a little bit relieved. I have come to realize that I don't even own clothing that appropriate for the green. At least this way I have time to get out and get an outfit that looks the part.

4. After reading about the 100 Happy Days Challenge that Miss Angie signed up for. I decided I could use a little more of that in my life, so I signed up too. Yesterday was Day 1, and the happy find for the day was this photo of me and my best friend from our girls trip to New York back in 2010.

I'll be posting a little more on the blog about the 100 Happy Days challenge, but if you want to follow along, catch it all on Instagram.

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Aubrey S. said...

So did you like the baking soda thing? I know I shower too much, but I have such fine hair it just looks greasy if I don't. so I can't get away with it... And my hair is too frizzy already, so I worry about anything that frizzes it further...

Aubrey S. said...

I did like the baking soda thing. It made my hair feel really clean, and I got away with washing a lot let frequently. From reading about it ahead of time, I expected to be oilier during the transition, but it just wasn't a problem.

I think when I try it again in the future, I'll use a little argon oil to help with the dryness, which might have been from the dry winter indoor air more than the soda/vinegar.

Aubrey S. said...

Oh that's a good idea! I've started using a little Argon oil on the ends of my hair when it's dry, and it's been wonderful!

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