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Tuesday, December 31

Wino Wednesday: New Year's Eve style

Hello, fellow winos!

Welcome back for this week's Wino Wednesday, co-hosted with Danielle from Sweet Southern Girl. Let me cover the ground rules for the party:
  1. Grab the Wino Wednesday Button
  2. Write a post that is wine-related
  3. Link up and visit with the other partiers

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Easy peezy. Now on to the wine.

I know it's not Wednesday yet, but since it is New Year's Eve, I thought it would only be appropriate to start Wino Wednesday a little bit earlier and to make it champagne-themed, just in case you need some inspiration for your festivities this evening.

After all, if you know, you know that I LOVE champagne.

First, let's learn a little more about my favorite bubbly drink.

If you ask me, this is the best way open a bottle of champagne. No more wondering when and where the cork is going to go (which is like gritting your teeth when a balloon is about to be popped.)

No one who shows up with these beautiful bottles should be turned away from the party.

This combination is perfect.

But let's not forget to have something fun for our desinated drivers. Have fun ringing in the New Year tonight, but please drink responsibly. We want to see everyone here in blogland in 2014.

 Want to play along? Link your Wino Wednesday post below. Please comment after linking. (Linky will go live at midnight.)

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Aubrey S. said...

I don't drink a lot of wine or champagne, but I love the idea of the cotton candy and lime perrier.

Aubrey S. said...

I am not much of a wine or champers drinker but every now and again I find a nice wine that I like, mostly I go for sweet desert wines

Aubrey S. said...

Yay! Thanks so much for sharing that infographic....I had no idea what the different types of champagne are! Fedora loves Asti, but I'm more of an Extra Dry champagne gal (of course, I've never tried Sec or anything sweeter than that...)

Aubrey S. said...

Dessert wines are good. Though to be honest, I usually take coffee with dessert.

Aubrey S. said...

Glad it was interesting to you. My favorite bubbly is usually prosecco, but I don't really discriminate when it comes to bubbly =)

Aubrey S. said...

Isn't it a fun, festive way to have a drink evening you're not doing alcohol? I think it would be a fun way to include children is a champagne toast as well.

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