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Saturday, June 15

Shoe Lust Saturday 2013: Volume 23


Good morning, lovelies! I hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday morning. Is everyone ready to share their Shoe Lust list this week?

If you're new to this party, the rules are pretty simple:

  1. Grab the Shoe Lust Button
  2. Write a post that shoe-related
  3. Link up and visit with the other partiers.
Okay, let's get started. Here's what I'm lusting after lately.

Want to play along? Link your Shoe Lust list up below.
P.S. If you've been enjoying playing along for Shoe Lust Saturday, you might enjoy following my Shoe Lust board on Pinterest.


Jabberwocky Rayn said...

Very Pretty! I think the blue bow crystal pumps look like something Cinderella would wear. But I'm love the pink version. The Bettie Page ones are cute too. PS this is my first time linking up.

Beth W said...

I love those polka dot Bettie Page heels! I don't wear peep toe, but I might make an exception for those Gidget lovelies! :D

Miss Angie said...

Yeah, those are all super cute!

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