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Friday, November 30

I confess...

I'm writing this post from my phone because the phone company didn't have the phone and Internet installed at my new office on time. The account manager doesn't seem that concerned about getting this fixed. He gave me an eight hour appointment today for a tech to come out.

I confess...

If they don't have this issue resolved by the end of business today, I may be blogging from jail next week because I am seeing murderous red right now.

I hope y'all's Fridays are going better than mine. Please share all your dirty, little secrets and comment after linking.

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Wednesday, November 28

I thought this morning that I would join Danielle at Secrets of a Sweet Southern Girl for Wino Wednesday.

We all know that a good glass of grapes can help anyone survive the holiday season. Between Thanksgiving and all the work that needed to be done in my office last week, we went through two bottles of this awesome red.

And on a somewhat random note, I've decided these are my next two cork projects.
Source: via Aubrey on Pinterest

I'm also linking this post up with The Vintage Apple.
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Tuesday, November 27


My Happy List is short and sweet this week. I am happy to have family and friends who are willing to put time and hardwork into helping me with my new office space. The painting is nearly done, and I'm almost all packed. Ready for the big move this week.
My copper countertops were installed yesterday.
We're hoping that Mamarazzi will be back from her bloggy break next week, but in the meantime, link your Happy List post up below. Please comment after linking.

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Sunday, November 25

I hope that you are all having a wonderful weekend! Here's a quick Round-Up of my favorite reads from the last week or so. Perfect a lazy holiday Sunday morning.

1. Beautifully Rooted is one of my favorite collaboratory blogs. It's a collection of thoughts, projects and ideas from a fabulous group of women of faith. I fell in love with this guest post last week by Deb, who shares about looking for beauty in a town that has face destruction repeatedly in the last few year.

2. On one of my first Round-Up posts, I linked to Expecting a Blessing, and the adorable godparent invitations for their adoptive son. Earlier this month, they flew to Taiwan to get their adorable little boy Levi. I can't help but smile at the pictures from their first day together.

3. Lisa at Momma's Me Time is sharing The Knitting Project, which is helping women in Ethopia get out of the sex industry and into a new lifestyle that supports themselves. It really gives you a new perspective on how good we have it here in the States.

4. You just can't beat a blog post about mustaches. Take a little look-see at what Andrea says about her husband's decision to participate in Novembeard.

5. I love Rebecca's Mantra Monday series, and this post about making dreams come true is a must-read for all of us.

image via weheartit

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Friday, November 23

Happy Black Friday everyone!

 I confess...

I didn't intend for this post to go up so late. The day just got away from me. I spent most of the day working at our neighborhood Christmas tree lot, which is a fundraiser for the local museum, and then there was painting to do at the office.

I confess...

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I'm strong enough to lift and carry most of the trees. (Thank you, jujitsu!) Considering that yesterday I ate like a linebacker, I made sure I lifted a lot of trees. And talked a lot of trash about the football game tomorrow. I sure hope Clemson doesn't beat us tomorrow.

I confess...

I'm not as good of a painter as I am a tree lot worker. I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a very long day. Thank goodness my parents are coming down to help us and that I ah e in-laws who are willing to help.

I confess...

I still have to make another pie for my dad tonight. To the kitchen I go!

In light of the holiday weekend, the linky will be open a little longer this week. Link up and share all your dirty little secrets. Please leave a comment after linking up.

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Thursday, November 22


Happy Thanksgiving, lovelies!

The Mister and I have been enjoying a lazy morning with coffee and vegging on the computers, but the real work has just begun. We've committed to bringing three desserts to dinner this evening as well as cornbread.

The Mister is in the kitchen right now working on banana pudding, and then I will be making baked chocolate pudding and sour cream raisin pie (both my grandmother's recipes).

I just spoke to his mother, and it appears that no one is making mashed potatoes. Well, in my book, there needs to mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving. Thankfully (ha!), I thought ahead and bought potatoes yesterday.

In all seriousness this morning, I want to spend a few minutes sharing the things I'm thankful for.
1. I'm thankful for my wonderful husband, who loves me even when I'm being crazy. I'm lucky to have great family and in-laws. And the friends who become your family along the way. Because family is forged by bonds of love, not necessarily just bond by blood.

2. I'm thankful a thriving business that allows the Mister and I to have a cozy home, warm food for our bellies and clothes on our back. There are a lot of people out of work right now, and I'm blessed to own my own business.

3. We have a wonderful church that is welcoming and nourishes our walk with God. I don't often talk about our faith journey on the blog, but it's a big part of our lives. I'm thankful that we live in a community where can live in our faith without fear of repercussion.

4. And despite where you stand on the election results, I'm thankful that we live in a country where we get to vote and have a voice in our governmental practices. I think there are a lot of improvements to be made to our system; a lot of pieces of the political machine have gotten rusty over the years, but I still got to vote this month. There are a lot people in the world who don't get to do that. I'm thankful for our service members who are sacrificing holidays with their families and friends to allow us those freedoms.

5. Pups. This sweet girl is happy to see me every time I walk in the door. You don't get unconditional love from anyone but pets. And we sure do miss our Gracie Mae; if she were here, she'd be parked in the kitchen to catch any spills or crumbs.

And since Amber at Brunch with Amber challenged us yesterday, I also want to be honest and share of the more frivolous things that I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving. I know these things won't matter to me 10 years from now, but sometimes the little things really what make the smiles. It is "It's Okay Thursday" after all.
Its Ok Thursdays
It's okay that I am also thankful for... booties to wear at Thanksgiving dinner. These pretty babies arrived from Shoe Dazzle yesterday. codes. God forbid that I have to pay for my shipping when I buy things online.

...pre-Turkey Day turkey sandwiches. and wine. Let's face it. No one would want to be around me if I didn't have some choice beverages.

Want to play along? Click the button to link your Thankful Thursday or It's Ok post up.

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Tuesday, November 20

So the Happy List has been on a bit of a journey this month. Art @ Home has been hosting it while Mamarazzi is on bloggy break, but they've had a family situation come up. So Jolene from With a Little Help From my Friends stepped up to the plate last week. She's got the party going on over there this week. Please be sure to go say hi and thank her for keeping the party up!

1. I am HAPPY that the Mister and I headed up to Charlotte last weekend to run The Color Run. It was pretty cold when we first got out there, but warmed up some once we got moving. The wind was crazy! And it blew most of the color away, but we still did our best to our clothes color-ed up.

2. I'm also HAPPY that at The Color Run, I was able to connect with Caroline from Bake. Run. Live. She's another Palmetto Blogger whom I've been corresponding with since this summer. It was nice to meet her and her sisters.
Mary (who blogs in D.C.), Caroline and me
3. On the note of Palmetto Bloggers, I'm super HAPPY to be featured on Danielle's Talk to Me Tuesday today. We're discussing two of my favorite things - shoes and wine. Head over to Secrets of a Sweet Southern Girl and check it out.

4. I have a little more blog love to hand out for today's Happy List. I'm HAPPY to have found two more fabulous ladies to get to know through holiday swaps. Kaity from brownie diaries is my partner in the Holiday Mixed Tape Swap. I've really been digging some of her outfit posts; she's much more fashionable than me. I can't wait to see what she thinks of the cd that went off in yesterday's mail.

And Crystal from Put Some Polish on will be my swap partner in the Stocking Stuffer Swap. Her blog is all about nail polish and manicures. I'm going have so much fun shopping for her.

5. Finally, I'm really excited about the first swap that I'm co-hosting; we've had a great turnout so far, and that make me ridiculously HAPPY. Today is the last day to enter our Ugly Sweater Ornament Swap. If you haven't heard about it, check it out and sign up for it HERE.

Ornament Swap with Danielle, Aubrey & Stephany!

So what's on your Happy List this week? Link up and share some comment love below. Also, be sure to go say hi to Jolene, Ricki Jill and Mamarazzi.

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Sunday, November 18

Happy Sunday!

I've been trying to sneak blog reading in all week. It's been difficult between the meetings, sales appointments and spackling of walls in the new office, but nonetheless, I have these lovely fun links to share with you this week.

1. I know. I know. It's not even Thanksgiving, so Christmas carols shouldn't be playing. I'm blaming the Holiday Mix Tape Swap. I found this lovely holiday mix that my swap partner Kaity shared on her blog last Christmas Eve.

2. I can remember having moments of self-doubt about my life direction in my mid-twenties in the same way that Erin talks about her 26th birthday approaching. I love the way that she lets these moments to be a springboard for her to examine and trust in her faith as well.

3. Isn't this Harry Potter quilt just so fun? I can think of a couple friends that would love having this to snuggle under for movie night.

4. I follow a lot blogs that are "mommy" blogs, so I don't get too excited over baby photos, but I absolutely fell in love with these photos of Lianne's baby girl in ruffles and pearls. I'm dying over the jumper.

5. You really can't go wrong sharing stories about your pups, and English must have been going for laughs with the story about when walking four dogs at once went awry. Plus she has a very cute picture of the four darlings, whose names are Sass, Rita, Ninja and Tetris.

image via weheartit
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Saturday, November 17


Good morning, lovelies!

It's Saturday morning, which means it's time to for Shoe Lust Saturday. This week, I've been lusting after boots. Red cowboy boots to be more specific. I'm dying for a pair, and I may just be splurging on a pair as an early Christmas gift to myself.

What's on your Shoe Lust list this week?

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