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Tuesday, April 17


My happy list is pretty simply this week.

Photos by Chi Photography

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my wonderful husband. The last two years have flown by, and I love you more everyday.

And THANK YOU to all our friends and family who celebrated our day with us and have supported us through the years of our relationship and marriage.

Check out the rest of our wedding photos and details:

Quick update: These flowers sent from the Mister were just delivered at work. HAPPY!

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Monday, April 16

Hi lovelies!

I have to apologize for being gone from blogland all of last week. We've just been having a little too much fun =)

This weekend, the Mister and I started celebrating our two-year anniversary a little early. By doing this:
Week of Celebration [Weekend Recap at High-Heeled Love] 
Yes, I'm now making a habit of jumping out of perfectly good airplanes.

Actually, last summer when I went with my girlfriends, the Mister told me that it was something he had always wanted to try. So when I saw a good price on living social a couple months ago...

Now we weren't allowed to be bring our cameras/phones up in the plane (dropping it at 14,000 feet isn't such a good idea), but here are our pictures leading up to the event.
Sky Diving [Weekend Recap at High-Heeled Love]
Skydiving [Weekend Recap at High-Heeled Love]
Skydiving [Weekend Recap at High-Heeled Love]
Skydiving [Weekened Recap at High-Heeled Love]
Skydiving [Weekend Recap at High-Heeled Love]

 Afterward, the Mister was feeling pretty out of it at first, so we took the afternoon easy by taking the back country roads home. When we arrived in Columbia, we stopped at Drip for coffee.

Week of Celebration [Weekend Recap at High-Heeled Love]
Week of Celebration [Weekend Recap at High-Heeled Love]

 And on Sunday? We spent a quiet day making our backyard beautiful. I'd say our anniversary celebration week is off to a fabulous start.

Have a happy week, friends!

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Friday, April 6


I confess...

I decided to make an early day of it since it was such a busy week. And now I might be sitting in my favorite the bar.

I confess...

That I started the day out in a pretty foul mood, so I'm pretty thrilled to feeling better now. It's amazing what some pizza and a good beer can do.

I confess...

Aside from church, we have no Easter plans, and I'm pretty pleased with that. Sometimes you just need a quiet weekend.

I confess...

I may be a tad tipsy by now so it's probably prudent to wrap this up. (I don't say this that often, thank God for autocorrect.)

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Thursday, April 5

I've been watching One Tree Hill for a long time, and last night was the series finale after nine seasons of great tv. I'm not going to give away any spoilers.

I'm just going to say that it's hard to believe these young high school kids grew into these fabulous adults. They may be characters, but I've loved them and their stories through the years.
CW Photo

And I've discovered awesome new music through the show, including last night's performance of "Loaded Gun" by Tyler Hilton. I definitely downloaded that album last night.

Who else is going to miss the River Court as much as I will? Thank goodness for my DVD collection.

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Wednesday, April 4

 If you've been following my blog for a while, then you should.

Jami is a South Carolina blogger that I met last year. Her sister Jodi was diagnosed almost a year ago with Acute Myelogenus Leukemia. She and her parents moved to Houston for about six months so that she could undergo treatment at MD Anderson. Luckily for Jodi, her sister was an exact match for a stem cell transplant, which cured her of cancer. Jodi has been cancer-free for more than six months now.

Over the last year, I've asked my readers to support Jami & Jodi by praying for the family, supporting the fundraising events to help pay for care and travel costs, donating plasma and sending Jodi re-Birthday cards on her transplant day.
 And today, I'm going to ask you to consider supporting them again. Jodi & Jami are part of a Relay for Life Team. The event is a month from today. Would you consider helping them meet their fundraising goals?
  • Jodi has a little over $200 left to meet her goal of $1500. You can donate online to help her HERE.
  • Jami is at the beginning of her goal of $250. (I think she can easily blow $250 out of the water and get to $500 or more.) You can donate online to help her HERE.
  • The team as a whole needs about $1500 to meet their goal of $5000. You can donate online to help the team HERE.
Not all families are as lucky as Jodi's was. Anything you can give will help families around the world get one step closer to never facing what Jodi's family went through.

Thanks for your help!

Want to leave some verbal encouragement? Love leave on Jami's blog Bowling Adventures and Jodi's Caring Bridge journal.

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Tuesday, April 3


Happy Tuesday, y'all! I just cannot believe that it's April already. We're all done with the first quarter of the year...time is just flying by.

1. I've been a pretty absent blogger, lately. I'd apologize, but really a successful company isn't something to be sorry about. In fact, it's a great reason to be HAPPY....tomorrow I have an important business meeting with the bank. So everybody think positive thoughts for me. If things go well, I should have a BIG announcement next month.

2. This weekend, our neighborhood association held a lawn mower tune-up clinic to help everyone get their machine in good working order before the summer starts. I'm so HAPPY that it was a success in spite of the fact that the morning started out rainy.
3. Good mail makes me do a HAPPY dance. Last week, my Julep Maven box and my new painting from Hello Hue (previously Aisle to Aloha) came in. This is my third painting from Lindsay's etsy shop, and I can't wait to get them all hung together.

4. Spending time with my family makes me HAPPY. On Sunday, the Mister and I decided to take a spur of the moment trip up to see my folks. It was a great afternoon. On the way home, we took the leisurely two-lane highway route and just enjoyed the gorgeous spring afternoon and each other's company.

5. Feeling health, fit and strong makes me HAPPY. The Mister and I are back to eating at home more to save money and aim for better nutrition. I love having a properly stocked kitchen. Plus it's awesome to surprise the Mister with a really great home-cooked meal and see him light up.

What's on your Happy List this week?

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Monday, April 2

I thought that I would share with you a second collection of ideas that the Mister has sent my way lately.  If you missed the first round-up, check it out HERE.

1. These Thai Peanut Butter Cups from Food 52 look delicious.
2. I now want a kitchen pegboard to display colorful cookware.
3. Pegboard continues to be useful in this kitchen drawer organization idea.
4. I have decided that we need to make these dark chocolate-cherry ganache bars soon.
5. And finally, how innovative is the his DIY PVC shoe rack?

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