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Thursday, June 30

Maxabella Loves is one of the first blogs I started following, and this week she reached 1000 readers.She's hosting a fabulous giveaway - She's giving away a full party outfit:

1. A dress of the winner's choice from  Leona Edmiston. I'm loving this one.

2. A $220 voucher to design a pair of shoes with Shoes of Prey.
3. And finally, these adorable silver birdy earrings from Elk Accessories.

So there you have it. Click this button to go right to Maxabella's lovely blog to enter. The contest is open until July 15.
Party Giveaway at Maxabella loves...

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Wednesday, June 29

Last night, the South Carolina Gamecocks beat Florida to win the College World Series for the second year in a row. Pretty awesome!
Images via Go Gamecocks

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Tuesday, June 28

I have a CE class this morning for work, so I get to go in a little late. I figured I would catch y'all up with a quick, quick Happy List for last week.

On Saturday morning, the Mister took me a new coffee house downtown called Drip. They have slow-brew coffee, which is a style the Mister has been interested in trying again. (We tried some in San Francisco.) This was a yummy Ethopian bean that had blackberry notes to it. They also sent us home with a piece of blueberry pound cake, but that didn't last long enough for me to get a picture of it.

Summer is seriously my favorite season. The Mister fixed this tomato cucumber salad last week, and it was so yummy. Both types of tomatoes and the cucumbers were picked from the garden the night before.

I  got my second Aisle to Aloha painting hung in the bedroom. These cheerful paintings put a smile on my face each time I see them. I love the bright, cheerful colors that Lindsay uses in her work. (Last week her husband got home from deployments, and their homecoming photos are too stinkin' cute. Check them out HERE.)

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Friday, June 24

Because confession is good for the soul.

I confess...

The Mister has made me a tomato sandwich to go in my lunch every day this week, and that just puts a smile on my face. What's even better is that the tomatoes come from our garden.  Today's sandwich was made with this yummy garden gift:

It's a persimmon tomato, and it's supposed to be yellow. And it is YUMMY! I'm so thankful that my husband enjoys tending the garden so much as I really enjoy eating the produce from the garden.

I confess...

We've been having a great week celebrating the Mister's birthday. His dad took us out for dinner on Tursday, his mom on Wednesday, and tonight we're meeting friends for sushi.
Image via weheartit

Sushi is my favorite, and I'm so excited. We've reserved the tatami room, and it should be a blast.

I confess...

Eating out nearly every day this week has been fun, but next week I have to do better with my nutrition. I can definitely tell a big difference when I'm putting on my jeans. And let's face it. When you live in South Carolina, you cannot avoid swim suits all summer. It's just not possible.
image via weheartit

The ice cream social I attended yesterday for work probably didn't help, but who can say no to ice cream?

I confess...

The first day of summer may have been Tuesday, but I don't think that warrants 107 degree heat indexes. Seriously, it almost makes me consider moving back to Michigan, but I really don't like snow and ice.

I confess...

I'm so glad that I've had time to blog again this week. I've been diligently reading in my spare time, and yesterday I caught up on all your lovely blogs. Though I may not have had time to leave too many comments.

And I was pleasantly surprised to find while I was away that some of the mommies-to-be had their babies. Congrats to Amber and Brittany Ann.

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Fun Fridays
I am also linking this post with Jen's Fun Fridays. Be sure to head over and link up your weekend plans.
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Thursday, June 23

Hi everyone,

I guest blogging at Joanna's blog today, and what else would I be talking about except shoes? I'm sharing all my current wedding shoe loves. Check it out HERE.

Stop by and leave her some love for when she gets back from vacation.

And to add one more pair to the list, a friend just bought these lovely Kate Spades for her wedding day in October.

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Wednesday, June 22

Happy birthday to my wonderful husband. Today will be the sixth birthday we've spent together, and I'm looking forward to spending this year building more happy memories with you.
Chi Photography
I love you so much, darling.

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Monday, June 20

Yesterday we celebrated Father's Day and my step-mom's birthday. This week we'll continue celebrating.

Today we're wishing my brother and my sister-in-law Mireya much love on their two-year wedding anniversary.
They went to Maui this spring on their much-awaited honeymoon.
Jenny Jimenez
Chi Photography

Wish that we were in Washington to celebrate with them. Be sure to head over to Mireya's blog pearls & such and leave her some love.
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Sunday, June 19

I'm looking forward to spending time with my family today, and of course giving my daddy a big hug and kiss for Father's Day.

The plan is swimming at the pool and then cooking out.

We will also be celebrating my step-mom's birthday, which was Monday.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend so far.

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Friday, June 17

Before we get started with confessions, I need to say a big thank you to Joanna at Dance and Dream 4 Ever for a fabulous pair of flip flops. I've been meaning all week to get a post up about the cute flippies she sent me, but I haven't found time to take some decent photos.

In light of that, I'm going to share my blurry photo taken on the way home from dinner and birthday drinks last week. They are super comfy, and I love the little blingy starfish on the strap.

Thank you, Joanna! And thanks to Lyryn at Breaking Through for hosting the swap.


I confess...

I don't do yardwork. The most help the Mister gets in the garden is me picking things to eat, and that's not work. But it sure is fun. Yesterday, all I wanted was a handful of tomatoes from the garden so that's what I got.
They were as yummy as they look.

 I confess...

The Mister has a birthday next week. Even though I ordered his gifts a couple weeks ago, I'm concerned that they won't be here in time for his birthday. I'll look like such a bad wife!

One of the gifts was purchased via Amazon. (My dad's Father's Day gift is in this package, too. That's going to be late as well.) Amazon is building a South Carolina distribution center that will be literally just a few minutes from my house. Wouldn't it be great if I could just place my orders and then drive down there and pick them up?

I confess...

I cannot believe the last Harry Potter movie is releasing next month. It's the end of an era! I'm going to re-watching and re-reading the books in preparation for July 15.

I confess...

I have a few networking events for work that I'll be attending next week. One of them is an ice cream social. What a great idea is that? I really love my job sometimes =)
Source: weheartit

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Friday, June 10

Confession is good for the soul.

I confess...

That it feels like forever since I've written a confessions post. Between work and my home internet going down because a storm last week, I haven't had much room for blog posts. It makes me kind of sad because confessions is one of my favorite posts to write.

Speaking of work, I have a big announcement to make. I thought I was going to share this in January, but it took a lot longer for us to finalize the paperwork...I didn't want to share until the signatures were dry. I have officially been promoted to co-owner at my business! My boss is retiring next year, and in January I began buying him out of the agency.

This will mean less time for blogging and fun, but it's an investment that will mean a great future for me and the Mister.

I confess...

Even though I've been working more hours than I ever have before, working until almost 9 p.m. on Tuesday was no bueno. I was so exhausted when I got home. And surprisingly, that was the only day this week that I cooked dinner. Gotta love breakfast for dinner.

I confess...
I confess that I did go buy that Loft dress I blogged about last week.

My baby brother graduating from high school last week made me feel old. Never mind, that the Mister and I also had two nieces graduate high school the same week. I married into them, so I haven't known them since they were in diapers.
Both photos lovingly borrowed from family FB pages

However, the fact that one of these nieces is now married and the other just got engaged is kind of crazy. I'm not old enough to have married nieces and nephews.

I confess...

I had to laugh at the Mister the other day. He dug himself into a hole. I was getting changed for work, and the conversation went something like this:
Mister: Your butt has changed since we started dating.
Me: What do you mean?
Mister: just changed shape a little bit. I still like it.
Me: I don't think I understand. How has it changed?
Mister: Um...I don't think I should have said that.
Me: Yeah, I don't think so.

With a little more pressing, he finally admitted he thought my bottom was a little wider and a little rounder than it was six years ago. I'd act mad at him, but it's true. I'm about 40 pounds heavier than I was when we first met.

Anybody want to laugh with me? Usually, the Mister is pretty good at not putting his foot in his mouth. Silly men!

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Thursday, June 9

Today would have been my mom's 53rd birthday. We miss her all the time, but I know that she's looking out for us. I was pleasantly surprised to get an email from Mom's college best friend this morning, just to let me know she was thinking of me and my brother. And of course, my Auntie Apes (Mom's oldest) sister sent me a text message too.

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Wednesday, June 1

This weekend, we have two high school graduations, a post-wedding party and a bridal shower to attend. Busy, busy, busy.

Because all of these events require gift-giving, the budget didn't allow for new dresses for these events.
That doesn't stop me from "window shopping" and adding these beauties to my wish list. (Is it still window shopping if I'm browsing the internet?)

Loft - Eyelet & Lace Shift
The Limited - Print Tank Dress
Talbots - Sash Wrap Dress
Shabby Apple - Le Seine
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