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Sunday, December 19

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We only have one week until Christmas. How awesome is that? So this week's Happy List will be holiday themed.

1. The Mister and I have been baking fiends this weekend, getting ready for the holidays. There are oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies, cake balls, pumpkin swirl brownies and other goodies running around, ready to be wrapped up as gifts.

2. I got my Secret Santa package yesterday, and it makes me smile. I'll have to share later this week once I've had a chance to upload some photos.

3.  My MIL let me pick out my Christmas gift the other day at the mall, and let me tell you that Fossil bags make me happy. Too bad she wouldn't let me take it home right away, but it will be coming to live with me this week.

4. We've attended two very fun Christmas parties this week. Some of our friends are really great cooks; they should invite us for dinner more often =)

5. Almost all of our Christmas cards have been mailed. I had to get another book of stamps before I could send out the rest. We need to mail one more package, and then no more trips to the post office for me this year.

6. The Mister wanted a new pair of shoes for our trip to San Fran; we had a successful trip at GB shoe warehouse. Let me say that a happy Mister makes a happy Aubrey.

7. I'm still 98% sure that Santa's bringing me a Kindle for Christmas.

8. Advent services are some of the prettiest services at our church. I'm really looking forward to going on Wednesday evening.

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Tuesday, December 14

I may be opening a can of worms here, but I'm going to put it out there anyway.

While I was in Delaware last weekend, several of Kate's friends wound up coming over and having a few drinks with us. Most of them were also doctoral students in chemistry or another science discipline.

Surprisingly, most of had also spent some time living in either South Carolina or Virginia. And eventually a joke was made in regard to the difference between "Southern" and "Nothern" mentality...which led to a few references to the Civil War. There was one student who was not American, and she asked a few questions since she wasn't familiar with our Civil War.

I was only half paying attention when I heard one of the guys (who is from the South and had family fight for the Confederacy) explain to her that basically she should look at the Northern states like North Korea today.

Um, excuse me?

I was quick to tell him that I didn't think the two situations were at all parallel. At first he tried to argue, but when his girlfriend agreed with me, he finally stopped.

What do y'all think? Anyone else find that illustration to be a little extreme? Maybe he had had one too many cocktails.

Normally as a Yankee transplant living in South Carolina, I usually actively steer away from discussion of the South versus North, Civil War or slavery. Until recently, I didn't even think my family lived in the U.S. at that point. Turns out, I was half right. My father's family didn't come over until the 1880s, but on my mother's side, it appears that we had ancestors who helped settle Connecticut in the 1600s and fought in the Revolutionary War.
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Monday, December 13



I'm back. Did you miss me? I didn't really intend to disappear for a whole week, but with my trip over the weekend, I just didn't have time. So I have a whole of happy to share with you.

1. My trip to Delaware was safe and (mostly) without snow; it only flurried for a little bit on Friday afternoon. Driving back to the airport, they were predicting it for last night, and I know Charlotte got some too. So I'm glad that I missed it all.

2. I'm happy to report that Miss Kate's thesis defense was successful. Pending a few written corrections to her thesis and the actual graduation ceremony next month, my best friend is now a doctor! How awesome is that?

3. I'm so glad to be back in South Carolina where the people are friendly and I know the interstates. I like to travel, but coming home yesterday was so, so, so nice.

4. I love my Mister. Getting a hug from him yesterday was the highlight of my weekend.

5. We had a potluck amongst the young adults from my church yesterday evening. At first, I didn't want to go because I was wiped out from traveling, but I'm glad the Mister convinced me to go. It was a lot of fun.

6. We got our first Christmas card last week from my brother and my sister-in-law. It was a sweet photo card from their anniversary shoot. Now I just  need to get mine in the mail this week so that people will receive them before the holiday.

7. I'm happy that I got our Christmas decorations up last week. And I got a super-cute shoe ornament from Shelze as part of an ornament exchange. (Shelze: I didn't have a chance to get your ornament to the post office last week, but it's on its way now. I'm sorry!)

8. Our honeymoon is rapidly approaching, and I'm so excited to go to San Francisco!

9. It's time to bake Christmas cookies. I'm going to bake cappuccino flats this week for our neighborhood association holiday party.

10. I'm eying the new Amazon Kindle for Christmas, and I'm super excited to see if Santa puts one under my tree ;) But if he doesn't, I really think I may go ahead and treat myself.

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Friday, December 3

On Nov. 28, Walter posted this video for his girlfriend who was moving across the country to Duke University for grad school. He tweeted about it, hoping that it would organically make its way across the web to her; their friends weren't allowed to say anything to her. Yesterday, his message reached her.
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Fun Fridays
It's been a couple weeks since I've put up a Fun Friday post, so I'm going to join in this week before I get back to work.

This weekend, I'm looking forward to finishing our Christmas decorating. The Mister has already put up our tree outside. (More about that later) And I'm also excited to head out for our town's Christmas parade. I may start some Christmas baking as well. I didn't have time to make cappuccino flats this year, and I really want some this year. I may even get ambitious and take photos to share with y'all.

Tomorrow the Gamecocks play the Auburn Tigers in Atlanta for the SEC Championship. I don't know where we're going to watch the game yet, but there will be football and beer.

What fun things do you have planned for the weekend? If you want to play along with Fun Fridays, click the button to link up with Jen's blog.
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Wednesday, December 1

Today's daily find list with Real Simple a collection of fun holiday stockings, and I really wanted to share my favorites.

Custom order patchwork stocking
 Wool stocking handknit by a Bosnian woman's collective

Free-trade Tibetan wool Sherpa stocking

The Mister and I have several sets of stockings, so I don't see us ordering new ones, but this may be a fun find for some of my other newlywed readers.
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