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Sunday, October 31


Happy Halloween, y'all! It's been a crazy, busy fun weekend, and now it's time for a quick recapping of the best events of the week.

1. It wouldn't be a proper Happy List without a mention of my football team. I was super happy that the Gamecocks beat Tennessee yesterday. Usually, the beginning of the orange crush (TN, FLA and Clemson) makes me cringe, but this year I think we're going to do just fine. And we're currently ranked at the top of our conference; can't complain about that.

2. We attended two really fun Halloween parties this year. Our costumes were a hit, and I'm really looking forward to more photos turning up on FB.

3. I was invited to a Women in Business dinner this week. It was nice to network with some other female business owners from my area, and I love any opportunity to eat chicken fried rice.

4. I've mentioned how much I love 116 Espresso and Wine Bar before. We probably eat dinner there at least once a week. This morning we headed there for brunch for the first time. Shrimp and grits - yum!

5. The weather here is just beautiful. It has finally turned cooler, but it's not so cold that you have to bundle up during the day. The Mister and I have been enjoying having our windows open during the day and snuggling up in the evenings. Today we headed to the Riverwalk with the dogs for a 4-mile walk.

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Saturday, October 30

Hope that everyone is having a spooktacular time. The Mister and I are headed off to this party this evening. Perhaps there will be photos to share later this week.

For a quick trip down memory lane, here's Halloween last year.
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Friday, October 29

I wish the Mister and I could attend WUSC Zombie Walk this afternoon, but we both have to work.

The event kicks off the radio station's fundraiser weekend. A huge chunk of my college station's budget comes from listener support; if you're interested in donating, head to the station's website.

Maybe we'll be able to make it to the dance party later in the evening.

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Thursday, October 28

I have a French degree, and I've never been to Paris. Isn't that a shame?

All photos from weheartit

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Tuesday, October 26

Instructions HERE

Instructions HERE

Both ideas from Real Simple.

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Here's a sneak peek of the Mister's costume for this weekend...there may also be a wig involved.

 And I just wanted you to know that I'm craving sugar cookies.

Source: weheartit
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Monday, October 25

...but when I do, I'm totally dressing them up like this for Halloween.
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It's been another one of those jam-packed weekends, where blogging just doesn't seemed to get crossed off the to-do list....We have Halloween next weekend, and then I am not going anything the first weekend in November. =)

So you're going to get a Monday morning Happy List. Mamarazzi must be pretty busy too since I don't see a linky for the the weekend, but check back later in the day. I'm sure she'll be in the game soon.

1. The Gamecocks got back on track and beat Vanderbilt this weekend. At the end of the first half, I was a little doubtful, but I'm glad to see another "W" on the schedule. Let's keep our fingers crossed for the Tennessee game next weekend (and that Lattimore is well enough to play)'s going to be tough.

2. My MIL and I got up early on Saturday morning (it was cold!) to have a yard sale with one of the neighbors. We've been trying to help my MIL downsize her storage unit, and this sale was huge step toward that goal. We also donated eight tubs of books to the local library. Cheers to not having to lift those suckers again.

3. The Mister and I finally went grocery shopping this weekend. With all the weddings we've been attending lately, the budget has been very tight, and our cupboards were pretty bare. We replenished the kitchen, and with coupons, saved about 30% on our grocery bill. Last night, we had a home-cooked meal and watched a movie. It was a perfect home date night.

4. My dad came down over the weekend and helped the Mister put up trim in the bathroom and hallway. Three years after we moved into our house, we might just finish those renovation projects. I've been sorting through paint chips and kind of have an urge to re-paint the whole house. Crazy, right?

5. Because I finally have creamer in the fridge again, the Mister brewed me a fresh cup of coffee this morning. That really starts my Monday off on the right foot.

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Friday, October 22

Warning: This post is photo heavy!

Do you remember during Fun Friday last week that I shared photos from our trip to the All Local Farmer's Market? I mentioned that I wouldn't be able to attend the grand re-opening in their newly renovated building but that the Mister was going to attend and take pictures. Here's a quick guest post from the Mister himself!

Fun Fridays

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to take a few minutes to share my photos from last weekend at the grand re-opening of the All Local Farmer's Market. On Saturday morning, the weather was beautiful. There was live music, fresh breakfast and free beer. (The perfect combination, Aubrey tells me.)

The building that the Market is in originally was an old print shop. Before the market moved there, it sat empty for years. Some of the most notable changes are to the exterior of the building. The brick was re-done to match the next door building (a local art gallery). There is the addition of a front porch and patio tables. The front of the building was also designed with garage doors that open to let breezes in when the weather is cooperative.

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know my wife likes her coffee. With that being said, one of the newer vendors at the market is the Indah Coffee Co., which is run by a husband and wife who roast their coffee beans on-site. We've been drinking this coffee this week, and it sure starts the morning off right.

Here is a picture of me with Emile, who is the visionary behind the market. He also owns Caw Caw Creek Farm, where he raised pigs cruelty free for some of the tastiest pork products you can get in this area. Many of the local restaurants that Aubrey mentions use his pork and sausage in their dishes.
I know Aubrey mentioned City Roots last week in her post. Here are some really yummy looking greens from their gardens. City Roots is an urban farm, where all the food is grown using sustainable and environmentally friendly methods.

This is Teresa. She has created a line of health-conscious, chemically free home cleaning products called Green It Up. She also offers home cleaning services.

Here's a sampling of the wares by Three Bad Seeds. I really liked how unique each hand-made craft was; each piece is made with thrifted wool and linen clothing. She also has an etsy store.

Aubrey tells me that she wants a t-shirt. Typical woman...she's only thinking of her closet.

All right y'all, I think I've taken enough of your blog time today. Thanks for letting me share with you. I'll make another blog appearance sometime soon.


The Mister

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Thursday, October 21

But that doesn't stop me from lusting after these two swimsuits from Victoria's Secret.

Somebody tell Victoria's Secret that it's not nice to email me everyday with pretty clothes that cannot spend the money on right now.

P.S. I'm lusting after the model's abs too. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just order those from the catalog too?
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It may be Thoughtless Thursday, but I'm actually going to ask you to think. Let's talk for a minute about the photo controversy going on with Glee and GQ.

I don't watch Glee because I don't want to get hooked on another tv show, but a lot of my readers are fans. I thought I would share a few of the photos from the November issue of GQ.

 Photos taken by Terry Richardson for GQ.

See the rest of the slideshow HERE.

The Parents Television Council has blasted the photos as near pornographic and bordering on pedophilia. Well, yes, the photos are pretty racy, but I think the council needs to chill a little.

First of all, it's GQ. That means adult content; children shouldn't be reading or have access to the magazine.

And second, all the actors in question are in their 20s. They may play high school characters now, but they won't forever.

What are your thoughts?
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Wednesday, October 20

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Monday, October 18

Remember me mentioning my high school reunion last week? Well, here is the only picture of me that exists from that evening.

Note to self: start using your camera more often.
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I've talked about Em's wedding for months. Now it's time to share pictures.

All pictures were taken by the Mister.
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Sunday, October 17


I'm sorry that I missed Grateful Saturdays this weekend; I've been pretty busy with Miss Em's wedding, which was yesterday. She is now all happily married, and the bridesmaids and I are recuperating, so I thought I would take a few minutes to tell you my Happy List for the week.

1. My good friends got married yesterday, and the wedding was beautiful. We girls had a lot of fun getting our hair and makeup done together. The weather was just perfect, and we definitely had some entertaining dancing going on.

2. The Mister drove up for the wedding yesterday. I love to see my man in a suit.

3. Today is our six-month anniversary. I can't believe that we've been married for half a year already!

4. My bestest Kate and I got to spend most of today together...we had a good dish session over brunch this morning. Now she's packing up to head to the airport.

5. I'm almost to 100 followers on my blog. I never figured so many wonderful ladies (and gentlemen) would care to read my random thoughts on my blog, but it makes me smile to see all the sweet comments and blog love.

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Saturday, October 16

I've been talking about how excited I am about this wedding for months. Well, my good friends Emily and Coldon are getting married today. I've known each of these two wonderful people for about 15 years, and I couldn't be happier that they're so happy together.

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Friday, October 15

Warning: This post is photo heavy!

Fun Fridays

It's time for Fun Fridays where we share the brightest, most fun parts of our week. This past week, the Mister and I have stayed super busy between weddings, high school reunions and parties. We also found time to sneak off to the All Local Farmer's Market and the SC State Fair.

The Farmer's Market has been temporarily located at City Roots, which is a local urban co-op. The grand re-opening at the newly renovated location takes place tomorrow. I won't be able to attend, but the Mister will be going out there for a little while so I'm sure I'll have more pictures to share.


I mentioned last week, my darling friends Lisa & MJ got married on Sunday in Charleston. The weather was absolutely perfect, and the wedding was gorgeous. Here's a few of our snapshots from the wedding.

Note: The Mister uses an app on the phone to make the photos look retro.

And finally, we headed to the opening night of the SC State Fair on Wednesday to indulge in fair food and people watching. The Mister loves to check out the art and the botanical displays as well.
*All photos in this post are personal photos*

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