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Monday, July 27

Photos by Jenny Jimenez to get to check out The Bride's Cafe and find your brother and sister-in-law's wedding featured, not once but twice! Not only did I squeal with delight, but I promptly yelled (YELLED!!) for my Mister to come look through all the gorgeous photos with me. This starts the week off on the right note!

You can see more here and here. And be sure to check out the awesome photographer's blog, too.
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Thursday, July 23

One of my girlfriends emailed this to me today, and I thought I would share. I'm a tad too traditional in my wedding visions to actually try something like this, but I enjoyed the video nonetheless.

Note: I'm sorry that I haven't written much this week; I've been too darn busy at work. I will try to give some quick updates this evening or this weekend.
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Friday, July 17

This video was featured today on A Cup of Jo. This clip will put a smile your face for the weekend.

Post-It Love
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Found here!

I found a dress named for me! :D The designer's name is Amsale. A different style by the same designer was featured today on (Wedding Cabaret).

"Silk Faille. Strapless Faille trumpet gown with asymmetrically folded neckline. Ruched natural waist with vintage beaded brooch. Available in Off White as sampled and Ecru."
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Thursday, July 16

So my Mister is leaving tomorrow to go camping in the mountains at a festival this weekend. That means I will have the house to myself this weekend.

What do I have planned?

To begin with one of my girlfriends from high school is coming to visit on Friday evening. She lives 2-3 hours away from me now in the NC mountains, so we don't get to see each other all that often. This is us over Christmas almost 2 years ago!

I'm not sure what kind of trouble we'll get into yet. My buddies on my trivia team say we need to head out to Flying Saucer to have a beer with them. I'll leave that up to my girl. Maybe we'll just stay in, cook dinner and watch a movie.

On Saturday morning, I'm going to a baby shower for another girlfriend whom I don't see nearly often enough. This will be her second little girl. Since I'm not sure she wants me posting prego pics on the internet, here's a picture of us from my birthday 2 years ago.

Plenty of time spent with my girls, and I will probably try to squeeze a visit to my parents in too. Here's a very old school picture of my Dad and me at Thanksgiving; I think this photo is 6-7 years old (judging by how skinny I was).

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Tuesday, July 14

Photo by James Rubio.

This amazing shot is from Anuhea & Kanoa's wedding in Hawaii, which is featured today on The Bride's Cafe. It just takes my breath away, and makes me want to run away to Hawaii.
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Monday, July 13

Souce: Love Notes.

This is just about the cutest "Save the Date" I think I've ever seen.
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I think these Peas in a Pod pearl earrings by Lucky Accessories are adorable; they would look lovely with the pearl beading on my dress.

They can be bought at Shana Logic, which also has lots of bold eye shadows on sale this week, too. This is much brighter than I would wear, but it certainly matches my color palette.

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Sunday, July 12

We're not the only ones who like the sea glass color scheme. This pretty inspiration board was featured today on (Wedding Cabaret).
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Saturday, July 11

I saw this photo on (Wedding Cabaret). I love this hairstyle and will have to see if any of my friends can help me recreate it. I really like the idea of a flower or a signature hair piece to be worn as well...especially since I don't know if I want to wear a veil.

Photographer: Jose Villa

By the way, the rest of the details from this wedding are stunning; please click the link in the first paragraph to go check them out.
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Friday, July 10

I noticed the other day when I was making the bed in the guest bedroom that there is a tear in the cover. I've been thinking for a few months, that I wanted to switch up the look in that room anyway, so this has me daydreaming about doing a bedroom makeover in there.

The bedspread that is on that bed is very nice, but doesn't reflect the style of our home. It was a gift from a previous boyfriend's family and was very appreciated at the time; however, I've been slowly updating our home to reflect our tastes as a couple.

Here are my two favorite bedding looks for that room so far:

Phoenix Reversible Stripe Kantha Bedding
from World Market. I really like the orange and tans in this cover and think that it would pair very nicely with the gold sheets that are on that bed already. It would also pull from lighter wood of the furniture that is in that room.

Suzani Coverlet Set from World Market. This coverlet has a 70s funky feel to me, and my Mister is a fan of the retro look. We already have a few pieces of furniture in that room that have a 70s feel to them. I think this spread would fit right in. And it's made of pima cotton, which I prefer over Egyptian.

Of course being in wedding budget mode, I doubt I'll be buying new bedding for a while. Further I have another quilt that's been in storage in the attic that can go on the bed for now. But it sure is nice to daydream about how I'd love to re-decorate each room if money and time were no object.

What I can do is take some time this weekend to de-clutter that room. The spare bedroom usually functions as a storage catch-all for stuff that needs to be sorted through an donated, thrown out or put into the attic. I have to go through it about about once a month and really empty it out as it's such a hotspot for clutter. When it's clean and made up, that room is the most peaceful room in the house and my favorite room for a Sunday afternoon nap.

Maybe I'll be good and take pictures and post a follow-up of the room with just an at-home makeover.
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Wednesday, July 8

I was tagged by Jen at A Girl in Pearls & A Boy with Toys to compile a list of my favorite things.

These are the rules: Tag and link back to the person who tagged you. List six little things that make you happy. Tag six bloggers and let them know they're “it".

Since my blog is so new and I haven't really garnered many followers, I'm going to skip the tagging other bloggers part. If you read this and you're inspired to do the blog, please feel free.

My faves:

1. Kisses with my Mister

2. My pets.

3. Getting to spend time with my bestest, who lives 10 hours away from me.

4. Sushi!

5. Gamecock Football

6. Cooking for my friends.

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Tuesday, July 7

My Mister has indicated that he would rather have cupcakes than a traditional cake. I'm on the fence, but I do think they would be easier to transport and store. (My wonderful friend who has offered to do our cake says that's not necessarily true.)

I saw these today in Real Simple and really like the simplicity of the design. However, I think their suggestion of a yellow cake recipe might be a tad too plain.
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Monday, July 6

I'm loving this cake topper from here.
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Wednesday, July 1

So Mister and I both have Friday off. He suggested that since his sister and her family are already down in Charleston, maybe we could take a day trip to Isle of Palms and go to the beach! And that would mean that I could maybe get in to speak with the owner of Station 22.

Wow, I might actually move the wedding planning along this weekend. Imagine that!

Oh, and I really, really want to have a cookout on the Fourth. Grill hamburgers, eat popsicles and have sparklers. I might be able to swing the cookout...I'm pretty sure the Mister will say "No" to the sparklers. He's also said "No" sparklers at our wedding - bummer.
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