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Tuesday, June 30

Because we're looking to keep our wedding very small and intimate, we will only be having 2 attendants each. I have a lot of wonderful friends, but I asked my bestest and my younger sister to stand for me.
Stolen from my bestest's FB page.

Taken by my uncle at my brother's wedding
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Sunday, June 14

Today was spent getting ready for our trip to Washington.

That meant making a big pot of chili to use all the tomatoes from our garden and the ground turkey in the fridge. We'll freeze the leftovers to eat the night we get home.

It meant vacuuming and cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen so we can come home to a peaceful house at the end of our vacation.

It meant packing all but our toiletries and cell phone chargers. Our kitty Tessa really enjoyed the suitcases.

It meant laying out the outfits we'll travel in since we have to leave the house by 3 a.m. on Wednesday.

And it meant baking a dozen chocolate chip cookies just because the recipe looked good. My mister hasn't been in to try them yet. I'm looking forward to surprising him.

Now I'm going to enjoy a glass of my favorite red, and when the Mister is done mowing the lawn, we're going over to a friend's house to go swimming.
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Sunday, June 7

"You put high heels on and you change." -Manolo Blahnik

These are tentatively the shoes, purchased from Cathy Jean's. I decided on a lower heel than I typically wear, but I figure my feet will thank me by the end of the day.
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Tuesday, June 2

I spoke with the pastor at Saint Marks this morning. If we decide to, they will let us use their chapel to get married on Isle of Palms and our pastor can marry us. Even though we still haven't decided between Isle of Palms and Columbia, this makes me super-excited.

The restaurant we like doesn't open until 5 p.m., so it may be trickier to reach them to see what our options are, but I'll reach them eventually. Oh, a trip to Charleston for a tasting at one of my favorite restaurants? Darn. I hate the sacrifices we have to make for the wedding. (heavy on the sarcasm.)
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